Changing/Cancelling Support Services

*Be sure to notify your CA of these changes/cancellations

On-line submissions are not secure. It is extremely unlikely this form would be intercepted, but if utmost confidentiality is a concern, please use the PDF or MS Word template version which can be submitted in person, by mail, or by fax. See the Contact Us page for address and phone numbers.

Important! You should see an acknowledgment of your submission. Examine it carefully for errors. If you find any, or do not see an acknowledgment, contact the SDC at:
(530) 752-3184 (voice).

Some of the files on this site are provided in portable doument format (pdf). A program that can read and/or print pdf files, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, may be required.



Services Affected:

-    minutes

-    minutes

Change Location/Day/Time: