Arranging for Accommodations with Your Instructor

UC Davis students with disabilities who have letters/notices of accommodation from the Student Disability Center (SDC) are entitled to the accommodations authorized by the SDC based on their specific functional limitations related to their disabilities.

To receive exam/classroom accommodations, an SDC student must first request accommodations and receive SDC authorization, and then discuss the authorized accommodations with his/her instructors as early in the term as possible. See the Exam Accommodation Timeline for more information about the process and the applicable deadlines.

For exam accommodations such as extended time or a separate room, students must contact their instructors at least two (2) weeks before each test (including quizzes, midterms, and finals). This is necessary to allow enough time to arrange the necessary logistics for the accommodations.

Students are encouraged to discuss exam accommodation arrangements with their instructor in person (preferred) or through email. Arrangements for specific exam logistics must include dates, start and end times, locations, proctors, and any special testing requirements. See a sample email you can send to set up a time to talk to your instructor about accommodations. A message like this should be sent to each instructor before the quarter starts or during the first week of the quarter.

If an instructor has questions about the specific limitations of the disability as they relate to the specified accommodations, or about implementing the accommodations, the instructor should contact the SDC by email at or by phone at 530-752-3184.

The student and instructor should discuss and agree on the specific accommodations and confirm the agreement in writing (for example, by using this sample form) at least one week before the accommodations are needed. The agreement can be on paper or by email, and both the instructor and the student should retain paper or electronic copies.

Changes to the written agreement are not effective unless there are extenuating circumstances and the student, her/his Specialist, and the instructor all agree to the new or revised arrangements on short notice. This means, for example, that a student cannot arrange to take an exam in a separate location and then just show up to take the test with the rest of the class.