At the University level, students have the right not to be identified as disabled. For this reason, students must take the initiative to contact the SDC and request academic accommodations. Before requesting accommodations, the first step in establishing eligibility is for the student to provide the SDC with written documentation of the disability from a diagnosing professional. For questions about what documentation is necessary, students should call the SDC to schedule an inquiry appointment.

Documentation should be submitted as early as possible, generally at least 4 weeks before accommodations are needed, preferably at least 2 weeks before the quarter begins, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In addition, to request new or different accommodations other than those previously approved by the SDC, the student must provide updated/additional documentation. See the Exam Accommodation Timeline for more information about the process and the applicable deadlines. Note: Unless there are extenuating circumstances, accommodations generally cannot be implemented until the next quarter if documentation is not received until after 7th week of the quarter.

Each studentís documentation is reviewed by Specialists with expertise in the studentís disability(ies) to evaluate whether the student has disability (physical or mental impairment) that limits a major life activity.

Specialists need time to conduct this initial review, generally at least 2 business days, but more if the documentation is long or if consultation with diagnosing clinician is necessary. If more documentation is needed to determine eligibility or identify accommodations, the Specialist will contact or meet with the student to explain what information is needed.

After determining that a student is eligible for SDC services, the Specialist meets with the student to discuss the studentís specific documented functional limitations, the impact of those limitations on the studentís academic performance, and the studentís requests for accommodations. Together, the student and Specialist identify appropriate options for accommodations.

The Specialist authorizes the categories of accommodations that the student may request, and explains the process the student will use to request reasonable academic accommodations for each class, each quarter.

If the student has concerns about the eligibility determination process and/or the types of accommodations authorized, he or she may seek review by the SDC Director through the SDC Appeals Procedure (PDF or Word version).

Documentation of Disability:

Learning Disabilities

Psychological Disabilities

Visual Disabilities

Medical & Mobility Disabilities

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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