Information for Students with Psychological Disabilities

UC Davis is committed to ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. An integral component in the implementation of that commitment is the coordination of academic accommodations and support services through the Student Disability Center.


To determine eligibility for services, the SDC requires current and complete documentation of a mental impairment from a qualified professional. The University reserves the right to request supplemental information to verify a student's current functional limitations. Current documentation is required to assess whether the impairment limits a major life activity and to establish the extent of the student's disability-related limitation.

Qualified diagnosing professionals are licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, or in some instances, general practice physicians. The diagnosing professional must have expertise in the differential diagnosis of the documented mental disorders and follow established practices in the field.

Complete documentation consists of a comprehensive report provided to the SDC by a qualified diagnosing professional containing ALL of the following information:

  • Date of the most recent visit to the diagnosing professional
  • A complete, multi-axial, DSM-IV diagnosis (all five axes), and date of assessment
  • Basis for the diagnosis (include data from tests, clinical interviews, school history, etc.)
  • Individualized, complete, and current description of any diagnosed mental disorders, their severity, treatment, and prognosis
  • Individualized assessment of any current, related medication issues and their extent
  • Individualized description of any current functional limitations, and their extent, as a direct result of the disorder
  • Statement of the extent to which any functional limitations are mitigated by current treatment (including medication)

Accommodations and Support Services

Requests for accommodations are considered on an individual basis by taking into account institutional obligations to provide equal access to educational opportunities, documented current functional limitations, and the student's course requirements. It is the student's responsibility to submit all requests for disability-based accommodations to the SDC each academic quarter.

Mailing Address and Contact Information

Joseph Spector , Ph.D., SDC Psychologist & Disability Specialist
Student Disability Center • University of California
One Shields Avenue • Davis, CA 95616-8714
(530) 752-3184 voice • (530) 752-6833 TTY • (530) 752-0161 fax

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