Information for Students with Medical & Mobility Impairments

UC Davis is committed to ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. An integral component to that commitment is the coordination of academic accommodations and support services through the Student Disability Center (SDC).


To determine eligibility for services for a medical or mobility impairment, the SDC requires current, complete documentation from a physician. The University reserves the right to request supplemental information to verify a student's current functional limitations. Current documentation is required to assess whether the impairment limits a major life activity and to establish the extent of the student's disability-related limitations.

Documentation must include the following information:

  • Date of most recent visit to medical provider or diagnostician
  • A clear indication of the existence of a medical or mobility impairment
  • A summary of assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to diagnose the impairment
  • Specific functional limitations related to the condition, especially those involved in attending a post-secondary educational institution
  • A description of treatments and their estimated effectiveness in minimizing the impact of the impairment
  • Medication side effects, if any
  • Prognosis and anticipated duration of limitations and impairment

The report must be signed by the student's diagnosing physician.

Accommodations and Support Services

Requests for accommodations are considered on an individual basis by taking into account institutional obligations to provide equal access to educational opportunities, documented current functional limitations, and the student's course requirements. It is the student's responsibility to submit all requests for disability-based accommodations to the SDC each academic term.

Additional Questions

Because of my disability, I have specialized personal care/assistance needs. Does the University pay for or provide Personal Care Assistants or other personal services? Who should I contact for information?

Personal Care Assistants are often provided by resources such as the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) or the Yolo County Adult Protective Services In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program. The University does not pay for or provide Personal Care Assistants, personal services, or individually prescribed devices. See the Office for Civil Rights publication “Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.”

If you currently receive services from DOR or other state or local agency, it is essential for you to work closely with that agency and the local counterpart agency serving Davis so there is a smooth transition with no break in service. If you currently receive your personal living assistance from family members, please note that personal living assistance will not be provided by the University. You will need to apply to the Yolo County IHSS Program to arrange for these services. In some cases, family members have come to Davis to provide services to the student and been approved and compensated by IHSS.

For information about requesting or receiving services through DOR (such as books, tuition assistance, bus passes, accessible vans, or specialized equipment), please visit

For information about obtaining personal care assistants on campus or in the UC Davis area, please contact the Yolo County IHSS program at (530) 661-2955. The Public Authority in Woodland, California maintains a list of prescreened personal care assistants that students can contact. For more information, please call (530) 661-2676 or visit

You must be an IHSS recipient in order to receive a list of personal care assistants from the Public Authority. If you receive IHSS services through your home county, your IHSS case will need to be transferred to Yolo County.

The process of transferring your IHSS case from one county to another can take 4-6 weeks, so if you plan to move to Davis when the residence halls open the weekend before fall quarter starts, you should begin the transfer process no later than mid August.

Please note that if you receive an already predetermined number of IHSS service hours through your home county, a Yolo County IHSS case worker will still need to come to your residence on campus or in the Davis area to conduct a needs assessment. This assessment is for the purpose of determining how many hours of assistance Yolo County IHSS will authorize for you each month.

If you will be requesting financial aid to help pay for personal care assistance, check with Financial Aid (530) 752-2390. You can also use the Financial Aid website at Under the Undergrad Forms tab, you will find appeal & additional expense forms.

What if I need to have my Personal Care Assistance live with me?

Please contact Student Housing for information about housing-related accommodation needs (530) 752-2033 or Go to the top right-hand corner, hit the search button, type in special accommodations. The Special Accommodations Request form will come up as a PDF. If a student needs a live-in assistant, accommodations for housing for the assistant are made with no extra charge (note that if meal cards are purchased, there will be a charge for both the student and the assistant).

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