The SDC pays for notetaking assistance in lectures, discussions, and labs. Usually, a stipend notetaker is authorized. These notetakers are students in the same class who are paid a stipend for providing copies of their notes.

Sample Submissions

To be considered as a notetaker for a course, please submit a sample of your course notes to

When submitting your notes for consideration:

  1. Please save your sample/file with the course code and CRN (i.e. BIS002A-12345) and attach it to the e-mail.
  2. Include the following information in the subject line:
    • "Notetaker"
    • Course title
    • CRN
    • Instructor's name

Notes provided to SDC students needing notetakers are not to be posted, sold, or otherwise distributed. Notetakers and SDC students receiving notes are expected to comply with the UC Davis academic honor code.