Reasonable Accommodation Process

Following determination of eligibility, the Disability Specialist, in consultation with the student, will determine what academic accommodations or placement exam accommodations are necessary to allow the student to access the University's educational opportunities.

  • Each student's accommodations are individually tailored to meet the student's disability-related needs and are based upon the student's documented current functional limitations and the requirements of the specific classes in which the student is enrolled or placement exam being taken.
  • See the exam accommodation timeline for more information about the process and the applicable deadlines.

Note: All accommodations must be approved by the student’s Disability Specialist.

Requests for academic adjustments that would result in a fundamental alteration of the academic program are not reasonable and will not be provided as accommodations. If questions arise regarding whether requested accommodations would fundamentally alter course standards or the academic program, the SDC facilitates an interactive process involving the student, the instructor, and the academic department. If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter is referred to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Academic Accommodations

Because instructors of each course must be notified of the needed accommodations, and because course requirements vary substantially (which can impact the accommodations needed), students must request academic accommodations for each class before or at the beginning of each quarter.

Submit Online

Students should submit on-line requests for course accommodations for each class as soon as possible, at least 3 weeks before the first scheduled test and preferably at least 2 weeks before the quarter begins. Submitting early requests gives the SDC time to send email notifications of the student’s authorized accommodations to the student and her/his instructors. It also gives the student time to arrange exam logistics with his/her instructors.

Note: It can take up to two weeks to process accommodation requests, so it is very important to submit the request form early. Requests for notetakers and other auxiliary services should be submitted before the beginning of classes, or soon after classes start. Requests for exam accommodations should be submitted far enough in advance of the exam date to allow adequate advance notice to the instructor. The forms submitted should be complete and legible to prevent delay.

Students should promptly request accommodations using the online Student Portal.

Deaf or hard-of-hearing students who need interpreters or captioners must request accommodations using the online Student Portal at least three weeks before the quarter begins to allow time for scheduling interpreters/captioners.

In general, accommodations will not be implemented until the following quarter if the student’s requests for accommodations are not received until after the 8th week of the quarter. In such circumstances, notice of accommodations will not be sent until the next quarter, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Accommodations may not be arranged informally by a student with her/his instructors without having submitted an SDC Request for Accommodation and receiving formal SDC authorization.
  • If classroom or examination accommodations are approved, the student will receive formal notice and instructions for contacting instructors to arrange logistics for the authorized accommodations.
  • If notetaker or auxiliary services are approved, the SDC will request that the instructor notify the class of the need for a notetaker, will receive applications from potential notetakers, and will forward contact information for potential notetakers to the SDC student, with instructions for identifying and working with the selected notetaker(s). Please note that the SDC does not pay for notetaker or auxiliary services unless the student’s Specialist has authorized these services in advance.
  • It is essential to submit an accommodation request for each quarter in which the student wishes to receive services, even if such services have been authorized in the past.

Placement Exam Accommodations

Students must request placement exam accommodations before scheduling the exam by completing a request using the online Student Portal.

Note: All placement exam accommodations must be approved by the student’s Specialist. The University is not required to provide requested placement exam adjustments that would result in a fundamental alteration of the exam. If placement exam accommodations are approved, a letter authorizing the accommodations will be sent to the exam administrator.

  • If the placement exam is administered during Summer Orientation, a copy of the authorization for accommodations will be either available to the student at the SDC office or sent to the student at the student’s UC Davis email address.
  • All logistical arrangements for the accommodations are a shared responsibility between the exam administrator and the student.
  • The student should contact the exam administrator well in advance of the exam date to ensure that the approved accommodations are in place.

If the requested academic or placement exam adjustments/accommodations are not authorized and approved, the student may request review by the SDC Director through the SDC Appeals Procedure.