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How do I become eligible for SDC services?

At the University level, students have the right not to be identified as disabled. For this reason, students must take the initiative to contact the SDC and request academic accommodations.

Before requesting accommodations, the first step in establishing eligibility is for the student to provide the SDC with written documentation of the disability from a diagnosing professional.

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What types of services can the SDC provide for students?

Learning Assistance provides services to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. Based on the student's documentation of disability, we recommend services, accommodations and auxiliary aids and the student then selects what he or she needs for specific classes and situations.

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How do I request accommodations for my classes?

Following determination of eligibility, the Disability Specialist, in consultation with the student, will determine what academic accommodations or placement exam accommodations are necessary to allow the student to access the University's educational opportunities.

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How do I arrange accommodations with my instructor?

UC Davis students with disabilities who have letters/notices of accommodation from the Student Disability Center (SDC) are entitled to the accommodations authorized by the SDC based on their specific functional limitations related to their disabilities.

To receive exam/classroom accommodations, an SDC student must first request accommodations and receive SDC authorization, and then discuss the authorized accommodations with his/her instructors as early in the term as possible. See the Exam Accommodation Timeline for more information about the process and the applicable deadlines.

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Where can I find the forms I need to complete?

All forms can be found on the Student Portal website.

What other resources are there on campus and in the community for students with disabilities?

UC Davis and the surrounding communities offer a variety of additional resources for students with disabilities.

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How do I contact the SDC?

You can contact SDC by visiting our campus location during regular office hours, calling the main line, or emailing SDC staff.

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Can the SDC help me if I have a temporary impairment?

f you have an injury or medical condition that is temporarily interfering with your ability to participate in the university's educational program, the SDC can provide temporary assistance. Depending on the nature of your impairment, the SDC can provide notetakers, readers, exam scribes, and other appropriate services.

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