How Accommodations are Determined

Through an interactive process, the student and SDC Specialist discuss the student’s current documented functional limitations and request for services within the context of courses requirements. Occasionally, instructors are consulted to discuss proposed accommodations do not represent a fundamental alteration to a course or program. Once reasonable and appropriate accommodations are identified and approved by the SDC Specialist, an official Letter of Accommodation is written on behalf of the student. 

This is Who We Are

The Student Disability Center (SDC) is staffed by team of professionals who have expertise in the education of students with disabilities. Student Disability Center Specialists approve services and coordinate accommodations to establish equal access to the University’s educational programs. While accommodation information is shared on a “need to know” basis in order to facilitate services, disability information kept confidential and does not appear on transcripts or diplomas. 

Here’s how you can reach us:

Main Office @ 54 Cowell Building, 425 California Avenue, Monday–Friday, 9am-noon & 1-4pm
By phone 530-752-3184, Monday-Friday 8am-noon & 1-5pm
Student Disability Drop-in Center, Memorial Union, Monday–Friday, 9am-5pm
By email

Student Disability Center Staff


Jennifer Billeci |

Hello, we're looking forward to meeting you. I oversee the Student Disability Center and enjoy collaborating with several student clubs dedicated to enhancing access for all. 

Front Office

Danielle McAlister |

Administrative Assistant. Note Taker recruitment and assignment, Alternate Contact management, Documentation tracking, and Reporting.

Arden Gabor |

Administrative Assistant. 

Disability Specialists

Emily Laurie Furukawa |

A transplant from Santa Cruz, Emily works mainly with undergraduate students with psychological and learning differences, but has experience as a generalist at UC Santa Cruz. Working from a social model of disability, she aims to support students to attain educational equity by exploring accommodations and skills building. 

Russell Zochowski |

Disability Specialist for Students with Medical, Mobility, & Visual Disabilities at the SDC.  I have served in this capacity since August of 1994. 

Abby Tilden |

I have extensive experience working with students who manage disabilities in the postsecondary environment. Here at UCD I am the lead specialist for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing (DOHH). In addition, I work with students who manage cognitive disabilities including, learning disabilities and ADHD and psychological conditions. 

Joe Spector, Ph.D |

I work with students with psychological disabilities to assist them in developing accommodations to access the University’s curriculum. In addition, I focus upon tools and strategies that can be used to help maximize their styles and skills. 

Tech Team

Joshua Hori |

Hi, my name is Joshua Hori, Accessible Technology Analyst for the Student Disability Center. I continue to constantly work on researching technologies to be considered for accommodations and keeping track of the list on my Trello board for Accessible Technology Software to ensure there are options available for students. I work with local and surrounding communities to overcome accessibility issues, both physical and electronic. 

Corey Chomas |

Sarah Cohen |

Sarah provides Braille transcription and other services for students with visual disabilities, with a special emphasis on mathematics and science.

Captioning & ASL Interpreting

Darca Yniguez, CI & CT

Staff interpreter for the Student Disability Center at UCD for over 20 years.

Dana Russell

I have been captioning for 20+ years and I really enjoy working with the students at UC Davis along with the faculty.

Jennifer Serpa

I love my job as a Realtime Captioner for the deaf and hard of hearing students on campus.  After 10+ years of experience, every day still presents something new. See you in class!

Beth Stein, CT

Supervisor of the CART and ASL Interpreters for academic-related accommodations, as well as interpreting at UCD for over 20 years.

Devo Bell

Hi, I'm Devon.  I have lived in Davis and captioned at UCD since 1999.  Davis is a wonderful place to work, to raise kids, and to call home!