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Student Questions

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Pre-Admission Assistance

Pre-admission information regarding SDC services is available to applicants and prospective students by request. Please give us a call at 590-752-3184 or email us at sdc@ucdavis.edu for more information.

Will I be able to compete at UC Davis with a disability?

You’ve got this! You are academically well-prepared as evidenced by meeting the eligibility requirements for UC Davis. Successful students at UC Davis also have good time management skills, are willing to work very hard, and take responsibility for managing their calendars and personal lives.

How is the quarter system different from the semester system?

The quarter system at a major university moves very fast compared to a 15 or 18 week semester system. Because each quarter is comprised of just ten weeks, you must have strong time management and study skills to complete your assignments and study for exams.

Is tutoring available to students with disabilities?

The University provides tutoring for students with disabilities to the same extent it is provided for all students. Small group tutoring, drop-in tutoring in math and science, and workshops on a variety of study skills are available through the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), http://success.ucdavis.edu/services/index.html. The SDC ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to the tutoring that is available to all students.

Service Animals and Assistance Animals

University of California, Davis recognizes the importance of Service and Assistance Animals for individuals with disabilities and is committed to providing equal access to its classrooms, research facilities, public spaces and housing for all of its community members, including students, employees and visitors. For more information visit Accessibility at UC Davis.

Can the SDC help me if I have a temporary impairment?

Yes. If you have an injury or medical condition that is temporarily interfering with your ability to participate in the university's educational program, the SDC can provide temporary assistance.

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How do I request a Student Housing or Dining Service accommodation?

For information regarding how to make a Student Housing and Dining Service accommodation request, go to http://housing.ucdavis.edu/special-accommodations or call (530) 752-2033.

Can you help me get around campus?

Students with a temporary or permanent mobility impairment may be able to use MAS – UC Davis’ Mobility Assistance Shuttle (MAS). Transportation and Parking Services operate the service in collaboration with the SDC, can help.  For detailed information, check this out: http://taps.ucdavis.edu/parking/mas


Please contact Transportation and Parking Services taps.ucdavis.edu for medical parking permits, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles for disabled parking placards https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/disabled.

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Service Animals on Campus

University of California, Davis recognizes the importance Service and Assistance Animals have for individuals with disabilities. The University is committed to providing equal access to its classrooms, research facilities, public spaces and housing for all of its community members, including students, employees and visitors. For complete details visit: https://accessibility.ucdavis.edu/service-animals-campus

How much individual attention will I receive as a student with a disability?

As a UC Davis student, you can expect to receive a similar level of services and attention as non-disabled students. In addition, you will have the support of your SDC specialist who can assist you with disability management concerns and receive approved accommodation services. 

Where do students with disabilities obtain help with study skills, meeting deadlines, and course selection?

A network of services is available to all students on campus, including those with disabilities. The Student Academic Success Center provides assistance with study skills, and advisers in the academic departments and colleges assist with course selection. As an enrolled student you are responsible for being aware of, and following, all policies, rules and regulations of UC Davis, including observing deadlines.

Where can I obtain Disability Management Advising?

Disability Management Advising is available through your SDC Specialist. We’re here to listen to your concerns, share effective strategies for managing your disability in a higher education setting, and to offer support.