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Appeals & Grievances

Resolving Accommodation Issues

If you have a concern related to disability-based services, here are some things to consider:

  • It is important to deal with problems as they arise. Do not delay, if you're not sure what to do, contact your SDC Specialist to discuss further.
  • If you have a problem with a particular individual, consider discussing the issue with the person first. Often concerns can be resolved informally through effective communication.
  • Contact your SDC Specialist or the SDC Director for assistance and support


SDC Appeals Procedure

I.  Introduction

The Student Disability Center is the unit on the UC Davis campus that is responsible for determining student eligibility for academic accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and authorizing academic accommodations for eligible students.

This procedure provides an avenue for resolving student complaints regarding administrative decisions of the SDC.

II. Scope

This procedure establishes a process for students to appeal administrative decisions of the SDC. Utilizing this procedure, a student who has requested services from the SDC may file an appeal regarding: (1) the SDC's determination concerning that student's eligibility for services; (2) the SDC's determination of what academic accommodations are appropriate; and (3) issues related to the provision of authorized academic accommodations to that student.

In addition to using this appeal procedure, students may also file complaints on these issues with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, Western Division, San Francisco Office.

The following matters are NOT covered by this procedure: complaints of prohibited discrimination, including discrimination and/or harassment based upon race, color, national origin, religion gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or age.

Complaints, requests for assistance, or grievances regarding arbitrary treatment, discrimination or harassment believed to be the result of prohibited bias should be filed with the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs or Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP).

III.  Right to Appeal

A.  A student for whom

  1. an eligibility determination has been made,
  2. a request for accommodation has been processed, or
  3. academic accommodations have been provided

may utilize this administrative appeal process to appeal any of these decisions if the student feels that

  1. an error has been made or
  2. all relevant factors have not been considered in the decision making process.

B.   A student may initiate an appeal at either the Informal or Formal level.