Invitation to apply for role as Research Assistant on a project about the Paralympic Games

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How were the Paralympic Games created?

Project Overview: How were the Paralympic Games created? And what role did disabled people play in their creation?

My study aims to answer questions regarding the development of adaptive sports and the Paralympic Games from what was originally a form of medical therapy into an elite competition that is now the world’s second largest sports competition, behind the Olympics. I am interested in learning about the role of athletes with impairments in shaping their own sports.

To do so, my current research project gathers historical data on the Paralympic movement from the disabled athletes who competed at the earliest Paralympic and Paralympic-adjacent events. These data will aid in more fully understanding what the Paralympics are, how disability is constructed by the Games, and how the Paralympics inform local and global understandings of disability. Moreover, these data will tell us more about the history and nature of disability in the modern era.

Research Assistant Activities/Duties: A Research Assistant will work hands-on with audio recorded interviews to aid in interview transcription and qualitative analysis/coding of interview transcriptions.

Qualifications: Must be proficient in the English language, able to transcribe audio-recorded interviews, and attentive to details. Students with disabilities strongly encouraged to apply

Contact: Evan Baughman