Exam Accommodations

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Testing Accommodations

If a student in your class has been approved for exam accommodations, please assume that they will use them. Common testing accommodations include extended time on exams, small group/reduced distraction testing environment, use of a computer with or without grammar/spell check, single room testing, exam responses on test sheet/no Scantron, breaks during exams, and similar services.                                    

Most testing accommodations are managed by the instructor, TA and/or academic department. We recommend that exam logistics such as date, time, are arranged and communicated to the student as early in the term as possible. An email confirming exam details is helpful to clarify expectations. 

In some cases, the Pilot Testing Center (operated by Undergraduate Education) may be able to proctor exams for students in your class with accommodations.

The Student Disability Center is available to assist with accommodations which require complex assistive technology such as a screen reader, a scribe, materials converted into an alternate format, or specialized adaptive furniture.

Late exam requests – Student sometimes request accommodation just a few days before a test due to an unexpected flare of their disability. Whenever possible, please accommodate the student. If you are having difficulty making arrangements, please contact the SDC.