Conversion Options

The Student Disability Center offers a number of different conversion options. In general, text-based files may be converted to other text-based file formats or audio formats. Image-based files can be converted to text-based and audio formats as well; however, they must be converted into text-based files using optical character recognition (OCR) before anything else can be done to them.

The table below provides specific information about which initial files can be converted into which final files. Please note that this is not a complete list.

Original File Formats and Output Options

Original File Format Audio (MP3) Braille PEF (Portable Embosser Format) DAISY (Full & Text-Only) MS Word RTF Text ePub MOBI Tagged PDF
.doc, .docx
.htm, .html
.tiff, .jpeg, .gif
.bmp, .djv, .j2k