Determining Eligibility & Requesting Initial Accommodations

On higher education campuses, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the Student Disability Center (SDC) and engage in an interactive process to determine eligibility for services. Student requests for accommodation(s) are considered on an individual, case-by-case basis and may be reviewed on a class-by-class basis. Once services are established, students request accommodations for each quarter for each class through the SDC portal. We encourage students to consider the nature of each course when requesting accommodations and to select the services that will maximize access to course content.

Requests for accommodation and/or academic adjustments that result in a fundamental alteration of the course or academic program are not reasonable and will not be provided.

A documentation form is available with helping you on your initial accommodation.

Step 1 - Initiate contact with the SDC by doing one the following:

  • Stop by the Student Disability Drop-in Center and speak with a staff member to gather general information
    • Ground floor of the Memorial Union, school days 9am-5pm
  • Make an Inquiry Appointment to learn more about services
    • Phone: 530.752.3184
    • Email:
  • Submit documentation of disability  (we’ll review it within 2 school days and contact you to book a appointment)
    • Use My SDC Online by navigating to 
    • Email:
    • FAX 530.752.0161
    • In-person  54 Cowell Building Monday – Friday, 9am-noon & 1-4pm
    • Phone: 530.752.3184


Step 2 - Submit supporting documentation of disability and functional limitations

Documentation should include:                
  • Student’s name, ID number, Declaration disability is present, and Signature 
  • Name, Title, License Number, Address, and Signature of qualifying, diagnosing clinician
  • Statement by the clinician that a disability is present
  • Explanation and/or basis for diagnosis (tests, clinical interview, observations, history)
  • Date disability first diagnosed, date clinician first treated student, most recent visit, expected duration of disability
  • Detailed description of current functional limitations
  • Statement of the extent to which limitations are mitigated by treatment and side effects of treatment if any

Documentation should be comprehensive, written within a reasonable timeframe relative to the disability, and signed by your non-familial, treating, qualifying professional. Incomplete information may slow or delay the accommodation approval process.


Step 3 - Participate in an interactive interview with a SDC Specialist

Student and SDC Specialist meet to discuss functional limitations of disability in the educational setting. Accommodation services will be considered and approved if appropriate.


Step 4 - Notify your instructors of your accommodations

Through the SDC automated system, request an accommodation letter be issued for each of your instructors, and/or other appropriate alternate contacts, that outlines your accommodations


It can take up to two weeks to put some accommodations into place. Therefore, it is important to request accommodations as early as possible at the start of each course to allow ample time for the coordination of services. We recommend that letters are issued within the first two weeks of the start of each course and that students confirm accommodation logistics, such as specific testing arrangements, early in the term and again one week before each exam.

Accommodation requests made on short notice will be attempted but cannot be guaranteed.